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Dredge Amphibian

Dredge Amphibian
  • Dredge Amphibian
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Country of manufacture:Italy

The Dragflow company makes submersible pumps which successfully work at amphibians.

The pumps Dragflow are intended for:
- extraction of construction materials and minerals - sand, clay, crushed stone;
- alluvium of dams, dams, beaches;
- development zolo-and shlakokhranilishch combined heat and power plant;
- cleaning of reservoirs, settlers;
- development of underwater trenches for laying of pipelines (siphons) and cables;
- alluvium of roads and areas under industrial and civil engineering;
- dredging; increase in the coastline, recovery of beaches;
- pumpings of pulp with shlamokhranilishch on enrichment factories; cleanings of coal dumps;
- removal of products of construction near moorings, piers, harbors, ports, docks, etc.

The pumps "Dragflow" allow:
- To perform works at depths up to 35 m;
- To work with productivity up to 350 m3/hour on dry material (1200 m3/hour on pulp), with transportation of pulp more than 1 kilometer.
- To use the electric and hydraulic drive;
- To pump over the accumulating slimes thanks to hydraulic washing-out or break excavators with the maintenance of firm particles to 50% on volume and 70% on weight;
- To pump over pulp with density up to 2.2 kg/dm3;
- To pump over high-abrasive mixes with the changing density percent;
- To resist to wear of flowing part of the pump thanks to the low rotational speed and use of material with hardness up to 650 units according to Brinell

Country of manufacture:Italy
Fuel consumption: 20 l/h
Information is up-to-date: 02.09.2021

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