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Construction pump GPN 400B/50Hz

Construction pump GPN 400B/50Hz
  • Construction pump GPN 400B/50Hz
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Country of manufacture:Japan
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Peskova the pump for a heavy operating mode - the Special steel krylchatka and the soaking-up plate considerably raise pump service life. The case is manufactured of wearproof material with wide cross-sectional area.


  • 1CON-RU (5.14 MB)
  • con-GPN-RU (1.23 MB)
  • con-agitator-RU (2.51 MB)

Curves of performance data


GPN35.5 3" AG 5,5 12,1 16,3 1900 145,0 30 20 20
GPN411 4" AG 11,0 22,0 19,3 3250 217,0 30 20 20
GPN415 4" AG 15,0 25,8 21,5 4110 220,0 30 20 20
GPN622 6" AG 22,0 42,5 30,0 5000 415,0 30 20 20


o Vykhodn. opening, mm 80, 100, 150
Perekach. liquid Temperature 0-40 °C
Liquid type The slime, Clay suspension, Bentonite, Liquids containing sandy silt
Pump Parts Driving wheel Krylchatka of open type
Consolidation of a shaft Double mechanical consolidation
Bearings Ball. subthorn. with zashch. washer
Material Driving wheel Casting from chromic cast iron
Case Molding from gray EN-GJL-200 cast iron
Vsasyv. plate Casting from chromic cast iron
Consolidation of a shaft Silicon carbide in an oil bathtub
Engine Type, poles Induction engine, the 4th polyarn.
Protection of the engine (it is built-in.) Round thermoswitch
Phase/Tension 3-phase/400B / 50 Hz / direct start-up
Isolation Isolation of a class E, Isolation of a class B
Greasing Turbine oil (ISO VG32)
Material Case Molding from gray EN-GJL-150 cast iron
Shaft Chromomolybdenic steel (DIN 1.7220)
Cable Rubber, NSSHOU
Vykhodn. branch pipe Flange with a carving / the Hose coupling

Dimensions in mm:

  • GPN35.5
  • GPN411
  • GPN415
  • GPN622

W1: continuous level of flowing water
Model A A1 B B1 D H W1
GPN35.5 487 426 448 326 390 796 290
GPN411 617 517 500 347 450 879 315
GPN415 617 618 500 347 451 879 315
GPN622 725 625 528 335 572 1102 300

In case of use in the conditions of strong overloads and corrosion, certain components will be subject to stronger wear. In this regard, please glance on our website

Examples of application

Dillig-Zaubzer Gravel Works, Dorfkemmatthen, Germany

Extraction of fine sand from gravel works
In more detail  

Badische Stahlwerke GmbH, Kehl, Germany

Pumping of abrasive and cinder-loaded water
In more detail  

NEAT Amsteg and Erstfeld construction sites, Switzerland

New Transalpine Railway (NEAT), Amsteg and Erstfeld construction sites
In more detail  

ARGE North-South Urban Railway Cologne, Germany

Construction of the north-south urban railway, Cologne, south section
In more detail  

Gravel plant Schkolen, Germany

Removal of mud from the gravel settling basin.
In more detail  

Gravel plant Dillingen, Germany

The mud streams that occur during gravel washing are bound by means of a flocculent substance and are then pumped into filtration chamber presses with a lime additive.
In more detail  

Country of manufacture:Japan
Information is up-to-date: 27.07.2020
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